Working towards a clean, green sustainable future

Our Pledge:

The products we produce and bottle are born from nature and, at Terra, we have an inherent desire to protect our natural environment. As such environmental sustainability is proudly embedded in our strategy and philosophy and has been part of our culture for many years.

Terra has been a long term early adopter of sustainability initiatives in support of our commitment to manufacture products in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner.


In recognition of our efforts to date,  Terra is proud to have won the Sustainability Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) 2020 Award for Exemplary Energy Management. 

Our Guarantee:

We willingly and proactively comply with all environmental legislation and regulatory requirements.
We will work in conjunction with our customers and suppliers, with the aim of minimising any impact that our production process has on the environment.

Environmental Project Examples:

For many years, Terra has identified and invested in a wide range of initiatives that have reduced and will continue to reduce our impact on the environment in which we operate.
Terra, Irish Cream Liqueur Producers, Spirits and Liqueurs
Terra, Irish Cream Liqueur Producers, Spirits and Liqueurs,

Our 349 kWp Solar farm consists of over 1,100 panels which generates approximately 220 MWh per year, accounting for approximately 45% of our annual daytime electrical demand and reducing our Co2 by approximately 90,000 kg per year.

Air to water heat pump technology reduced our oil consumption by over 30%, saving over 26,000 bulk litres. Our subsequent addition to our Solar farm thereafter ensures that 20% of our hot water production is produced over weekends when our PV has excess daytime capacity.

Terra’s water recovery system saves over 0.5m litres of water per year and also significantly reduces waste effluent.

Our air recovery heat exchanger captures waste hot air which is then used to pre-heat our water, recovering on average + 8 degrees Celsius. Specifically designed liquid heat exchangers furthermore captures generated heat energy which is then used downstream in our process thus recovering approximately 66% of the generated heat and reducing our cooling load by over 30% through each stage.


‘Liquid heat recovery is used to pre heat sequential batches whilst also acting as cooling for the completed batch, thus reducing the energy load at both stages and saving approximately 35% of the energy demand at each stage.

We retrofitted our oil boilers from fossil fuels to renewable gas saving 132,000 kg of Co2 per year with over 80% reductions of nitrogen oxide (NOx) whilst producing zero sulphur and particulate emissions in comparison to previously used fossil fuels.

Since 2018, with the above measures we have successfully reduced our sites overall energy demand by 30% from 1,446,105 kWh in 2018 to approximately 1,000,000 kWh units in 2021

See our Terra Solar farm video below.
Terra, Irish Cream Liqueur Producers, Spirits and Liqueurs,
Terra, Irish Cream Liqueur Producers, Spirits and Liqueurs
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As a long established company we act both ethically and socially responsible on our journey which is proven by our environmental sustainable policies and targets. We work within a private capacity with many establishments, charities and not for profit organisations who are close to our heart
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