Irish Cream Liqueurs

Arguably the Worlds Best

Irish Cream Liqueurs

Irish Cream Liqueurs represent the natural fusion of two of Ireland’s finest products – great Irish whiskey and superb quality rich dairy cream. Irish people have been combining their cream and whiskey in various ways for many years but it was only in 1974 that technology caught up with tradition and the means became available to offer this unique drink to the rest of the world.
This development in technology was the greatest innovation in the alcoholic beverage industry in the last century and it hit a niche, in particular with young female consumers looking for a low alcohol, delicious tasting product.
In the four short decades since, Irish Cream Liqueur has established itself as the Number 1 seller within the Liqueur category worldwide and as a staple seasonal favourite for families around the globe.

Truly Unique

Terra, Irish Cream Liqueur Producers, Spirits and Liqueurs,
Terra, Irish Cream Liqueur Producers, Spirits and Liqueurs,
The key to the international success of Irish cream liqueurs is their truly unique combination of taste, quality, heritage, and Irishness.
Taste and quality are of paramount importance and are inextricably linked. Irish whiskey has a deserved reputation around the world for its superior quality and purity. It cannot be made in any country other than Ireland and is subject to stringent requirements in terms of ingredients and process.
Ireland’s cream and dairy produce generally enjoy an equally strong global reputation. As an island nation on Europe’s Atlantic seaboard, Ireland’s temperate climate and soil is superbly suited to dairy production. To all intents and purposes, our naturally grass-fed cows live in free-range conditions and this is reflected in the quality and taste characteristics of our milk.
At Terra Spirits & Liqueurs, we only use the freshest cream, with it typically taking a mere 48 hours from cow to bottle and through the use of world class technology the cream is naturally preserved by the alcohol.
Experience and expertise gained over millennia by Irish farmers and distillers are brought together to create a product with an inimitable taste which is as natural to Ireland as butter or beef.
Molly’s … Arguably the World’s Best Tasting Irish Cream Liqueur is produced by Terra Spirits & Liqueurs, which is the largest family owned cream liqueur company in Ireland.
Molly’s is a prime example of a superior Irish Cream that exemplifies the use of quality of fresh Irish Dairy Cream, fine aged Irish Whiskey and the best cream liqueur technology available.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no general answer to this question but Molly’s Irish Cream Liqueur is Gluten Free.
There are no additives or preservatives in Molly’s or any other Irish cream liqueur produced by Terra.

Irish Cream Liqueurs are typically consumed over ice, chilled or in coffee and although mixing with citric based products should be avoided, there are many Molly’s Irish Cream drinks recipes which can be enjoyed.

The level does vary from product to product and in Molly’s Irish Cream there are 347 K cals per 37ml / 1.3oz which , for pure indulgence , is less than that of chocolate.
Irish Cream Liqueurs should not be exposed to extremes in temperatures and moving it from hot to cold and back again is not ideal. Example: if your Molly’s Irish Cream is stored in the refrigerator, it should be kept in the refrigerator. Once opened, it is best to consume Molly’s within 6 months.
Irish Cream Liqueurs are relatively low in alcohol content and in the region of 17% alcohol by volume.
Many cream liqueurs have a shelf life ranging from 9 to 18 months. However, the modern blending process coupled with the level and quality of ingredients used in Molly’s Irish Cream delivers a 2 year best taste shelf life.
Liqueurs by nature require a minimum level of sugar and the level above that minimum will vary from product to product. With Molly’s the level of sugar content is 20.8% (7.6g per 37ml / 1.3oz serving).
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