• Experience and expertise gained over millennia by Irish farmers and distillers are brought together to create a product with an inimitable taste.

  • We proudly develop, produce and bottle superior quality Irish Cream Liqueurs.

Our History and Irish Cream Liqueurs

terra-customer-serviceTerra's involvement in the production and marketing of Irish Cream Liqueurs goes back to the 1970's and the development of cream liqueurs. While the production of whiskey and dairy products goes back almost to the dawn of civilisation in Ireland, the creation of the first Irish cream liqueur had to wait until 1974 when a group of highly enterprising innovators managed for the first time to blend fresh Irish cream with Irish whiskey in a stable product.

Terra's founder and several of its team had the benefit of working with people who were part of this quiet revolution in the international drinks industry and Terra itself is situated in County Cavan which is the original and still renowned dairy source for Irish Cream liqueurs.

Within a few years of the creation of cream liqueurs, the R&J Emmet Company was established and by 1990 it had become the second largest cream liqueur producer worldwide. This led to the market leader buying the company and its brands in the early 1990's.




Terra and the 1990's

In 1995, Patsy Mckevitt, the then General Manager of the Emmet's plant, formed Terra and bought out the facility from the market leaders whilst securing a contract to produce a range of cream liqueurs for them and provide an R&D facility for new product development.

In 2003, Terra took the opportunity of the expiry of that exclusivity agreement to build its own Irish cream liqueur brands, including Mollys Irish Cream, and to provide a range of innovative contract manufacturing and bottling services for spirits and private label Irish Cream Liqueurs. Our products can today be enjoyed by consumers in more than 60 countries around the world.

Terra today

irish-cream-product- technologyWhilst the majority of Terra's business is in the specialist area of cream liqueurs, we also produce and bottle a range of non-cream based spirits and liqueurs for 3rd party customers. Today, Terra proudly supplies a contract manufacturing and bottling service to some of the largest retailers and alcoholic beverage companies worldwide.

Terra has delivered consistent double digit growth for more than a decade and this is forecast to continue as we grow our business in new and existing markets. This growth is firmly based on the quality of the company's Irish cream liqueur products which only use locally sourced fresh Irish dairy cream from grass fed cows which is blended with the alcohol in a wholly natural way and without the use of preservatives.

Born out of a long established history in cream liqueur technology, we pride ourselves in the expertise and blending process we employ in making Terra what we believe is the best in the business at what we do.




Our Location:

Our cream liqueur plant is located on the outskirts of Bailieborough, County Cavan which is a small town situated in the very heart of Ireland's dairy land. 70 miles/ 100kms north west of the capital city of Dublin.










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