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Molly's Irish Cream Liqueur Cocktail Recipes

Molly’s Irish Cream liqueur is delicious tasting on its own, straight up or on the rocks but it is also great in cocktails, over ice cream or as an ingredient in many favourite desserts.
The key thing to remember when experimenting with Molly’s Irish Cream drinks recipes is that cream liqueurs do not mix well with citrus based ingredients.

The following are some suggestions of the many cocktail recipes for you to enjoy that can be made using Molly’s Irish Cream. If you have any more recipes that you would like to add to our cocktail list, please write to us with your drink suggestion through our contact us form.

Molly’s Shake:

Molly’s on the Rocks:

Molly’s “Light”

Molly’s Moment:

Molly’s Mudslide:

Molly’s Marnier

Molly’s Dream:

Molly’s Russian Mystery:

Molly’s - Simply BRILLIANT

Molly’s Cinnamon Butterscotch

Nuts about Molly’s


Molly’s Love Bite

Caramello Molly’s

Molly’s Breeze

Southern Molly’s

Molly’s Tonsil Tickler

Rumple Molly's

Molly's Winter Coffee

Molly's Sunset

Molly's Russian Dream

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